Why Is Squidoo a Unique Publishing Platform?

March 9, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Squidoo

Squidoo is an online publishing platform with a strong and active community presence that writers of all stripes should add to their tool kit. The more I work in Squidoo, the more ways I find Squidoo useful to writers.

What is it about Squidoo that is so unique? I think it’s the way Squidoo allows writers to integrate multimedia and reader interaction in a way that they haven’t really been able to do before. Not only do you get the instant gratification of immediate publication but the level of engagement with the readership is way more than on other platforms.

To some degree the writer controls the amount of reader engagement when the page or “lens,” Squidoo’s term, is created. The writer has the option to include a wide variety of modules that encourage reader engagement. They include polls, quizzes, set-ups of debates, guestbooks, and encouragement of readers to share their stories, suggestions and opinions. There are even modules that allow readers to add links to the page. That’s a high level of readership engagement woven into one online document.

In addition the multimedia approach is definitely stressed. Writers are definitely not limited to print anymore. Modules for video and audio make it easy for a writer to add curation to their page. When I wrote Backyard Fun: How to Make an Ant Habitat, I was able to include video of ants living in an ant farm as well as video watching a couple of kids make an ant habitat. With the modules, organizing and positioning is all important and takes a bit of a mind shit when first tackled.

Bloggers can provide additional resources to enhance their blogging and authors can utilize Squidoo to promote their books. For more ways writers can use Squidoo, read 10 Ways Writers Can Use Squidoo


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