Ladybug Invasion Hits Squidoo

March 9, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Squidoo

Ladybugs invaded Squidoo this past week. Those little red bugs with black dots have been on my brain the past week or so thanks to participating in the recent RocketMoms Challenge 12 on Squidoo. It started with a challenge that resulted in my creating a Squidoo lens detailing how to make an ant habitat.

Now, my usual topics fall under writing, Houston and dogs because those are the topics of my blogs and my main nonfiction writing focus these days. When I go outside the “family,” I tend to like to create hubs of 4-5 lens that are interlinked in as many ways as I can find. Hence, the additional ladybug habitat, the butterfly habitat, and the Earth Day lens all under the heading of Backyard Fun.

But of course, being a confirmed Squidoo addict, I couldn’t let well enough alone. Nope. I had fallen to ladybug-on-the-brain syndrome, a rare condition that afflicts those who write for Squidoo. You see, I discovered there were ladybug books and boy did they have some crazy ladybugs as main characters. Oh, and then I uncovered the ladybug puppets, too. So the Squidoo-addicted gray matter cells put 1 ladybug with 2 ladybugs and saw a mini-hub of lenses. So there you have it: The 2011 Ladybug Invasion of Squidoo.

Backyard Fun – Ladybug Hand Puppets

Bugs in Books – Ladybugs


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