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About Author: Hi Everyone, I'm Poison_kitty. I like all sorts of things like horses, dogs, knitting, cross-stitching and genealogy. I like to talk about all this stuff over at Squidoo, so check out my website for more info.

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Liverpool Library

August 1, 2011 | Posted in Towns

Liverpool Library is located in Liverpool City Centre on William Brown Street, a street known for its beautiful architecture and cobbled roadway. The library shares it’s original building with The World Museum Liverpool but has expanded over the years since it was originally first opened in 1860, to a crowd of over Four Hundred Thousand …

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All About Equine Recurrent Uveitis

June 26, 2011 | Posted in Horses

Equine Recurrent Uveitis is a disease of the eye which affects all equines, domesticated or otherwise.  It is also known as ERU, Periodic Ophthalmia, Recurrent Iridocyclitis but more commonly called Moon Blindness. Equine Recurrent Uveitis can affect all horses, but seems to be most prevalent in the Appaloosa breed.  In fact  Appaloosas are eight times more likely to suffer with ERU than …

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The Best Web Browsers on the ‘net

June 24, 2011 | Posted in Internet

Did you know that your online content looks different depending on what browser your readers are using?   This can have a huge impact on their experience on your site and influence potential sales or click-throughs.   With the plethora of web browsers available there still seems to be five that stand out. They are …


All about the Google Chromebook

June 24, 2011 | Posted in laptops

Google have just released their long awaited take on the netbook: The Chromebook.  Although it has been heavily marketed on TV and online (and who does SEO better than Google itself?) many people still do not know what a Chromebook is, so I’ll attempt to explain it. Netbooks are ideal for people who want a laptop specifically for browsing the …