Interactive Dog Tug Toys and Flying Discs Add to a Dog’s Life

November 24, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Dogs

If you enjoy playing games with your dog or are looking for the best interactive dog toys on the market, take a look at Hyper Pet products. They have a line of interactive dog tug toys called Tuggin’ Tails that combine the best of a plush toy and the classic rope toys for dogs.

There are a lot of reasons to give your dog an interactive toy. Dogs need mental stimulation as much as their humans do. Toys that engage the dog, encourage play, and work off excess energy are a plus. Dogs get bored, too. A good game of tug of war can do all three. Of course the best reason is that they allow you to play with your dog.

My Maltese dog enjoys a good tug on a rope toy as much as the next dog, but he’s happiest when he’s tossing a disc in the air so he can run, pounce, and toss again. Flying discs for dogs are the perfect interactive dog toy for him. For dogs with a strong prey drive who are ready to chase-and-pounce, their Flippy Flopper flying disc toy is a bestseller.

The American Pet Products Association reported that 45.5 billion dollars was spent in 2009 in the pet industry. That is a lot of money and part of that went to the category of pet toys. Some owners are known to spend twenty dollars and more a month on pet toys. That’s a lot of money so it’s important to get good value and a big bang for your buck.

If you’re going to buy toys for your dogs, your money will go much further if you look into toys that enhance a dog’s life. Interactive dog tug toys and a good flying disc will do that.


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