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March 9, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Squidoo

With only five days on Squidoo, I opted to join in the RocketMoms (RM) Session #12. RocketMoms is a great group on Squidoo who put on these sessions that are comprised of 8 weekly challenges. I thought their challenge would be fun and a good way to motivate me to stop reading and start writing.

The excitement faded when I saw the first weekly challenge: Create an “About Me” page. Its intention was pure. How better for us to get to know one another? Its reception left me wondering why I’d ever thought this whole thing was a good idea. These are not the little bio profiles you see when you join most online groups and platforms. Nor are they to be resume-like and a recitation of facts. They are meant to reveal a window into your person, and that is to be the subject of an entire page–or “lens” as Squidoo calls it.

During the 5-6 days I’d been on Squidoo, I’d spent the majority of time reading and surfing. How-tos attracted most of my attention and there were plenty of them. How other people used Squidoo had been of major interest. I’d only attempted one lens when I stumbled upon the RM Challenge and had no desire to write any About Me page. My intent with Squidoo was to write about other things like writing, dogs, and Houston, Texas.

But I wasn’t about to wimp out on the challenge, especially in the first week, so I sat and stared at the computer screen for another two days scouring Squidoo to see how others had tackled this problem. A major self-imposed hurdle was that I wanted my approach to come from the topics I’d targeted. That would be writing, Houston, or dogs–I live with six. Finally a flash of light showed the way when I remembered that my first babysitter was canine.

From then on the writing fell into place and I finished the first week’s challenge on time. To read my slice of life, check out Going to the Dogs. To see all the lenses I completed for the challenge, check out my lensography Vikk Simmons – RocketMoms Session 12


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