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Maximize your Squidoo writing: Write a series. Writers should take advantage of the several ways Squidoo helps those who choose to write a series on a particular subject. I know it didn’t take long for me to mine these tools.

My first series idea came about while I was scanning my bookshelves in search of a few books on writing to suggest to readers. I’ve been an avid reader and collector of books on writing for more than 20 years and have quite a collection. But there are some books I continue to suggest to new writers over and over. These are the books I selected for Best Books on Writing – The Classics. As I wrote I realized that “Best Books on Writing” would be a great series title.

Then I discovered these tools on Squidoo that help to maximize the grouping of pages (lenses).

  • Use the “Related Lenses” tab in the introduction module. This is the “Discovery Tool.” Essentially you get to control which lenses pop up on the sidebar of your article when a reader visits your page. Squidoo allows you to add up to three related pages. Turn this tool “on” and add the urls of three pages that are part of the series. If you have more than three, just play around with the titles  so people will go to Page A and find three, then Page B and find one or two new ones and at least one of the first combination and so on. The idea is to keep the reader in your clutches.
  • Use the “My Lenses” module. This module allows you to add up to five pages (lenses) that are relevant to the topic of a page or lens. With this module the additional pages or lenses are displayed inside the body of the page. What I do is assign the same specific tag to each page (lens) in the series. Then I use the automatic feature of this module to capture those pages.  So I assigned “books on writing” as the tag. Then I specified the module to pull those pages that are tagged with “books on writing.” I’ve already made sure “all” is selected so the module pulls all the lenses under that tag. There is a maximum of five pages per module but you can always use more modules if needed.  And no, I don’t worry that the page or lens the reader is reading will show up.
  • Use the “Featured Lenses” module. Squidoo offers another module that is similar to the “my lenses” module but here not only can you insert your lenses but those of others. This is good, too, if you only want to highlight specific pages in a series.

I find that I’m using these features more and more. They provide a rather incestuous relationship between the lenses that I’m combining. That, I think, makes for a stronger relationship and greater pull on the reader. Here are two of my articles in the Best Books on Writing series.

The Best Books on Writing – The Classics
The Best Books on Writing for Children


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