Stubborn as a Missouri Mule

February 1, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Squidoo

“‘A mule is a mule.”  This line from an article in Outing Magazine, published in 1912, is one of my favorite quotes. It not only definitively states the nature of a mule, but my own nature as well. In the online writing world, I have several different personas. One of those is “Missouri Mule by Birth.”

Mules are usually thought to be grumpy, cantankerous, and stubborn as all get out. This just ain’t true, friends. Being born in the “boot-heel” of Missouri and the mule being the Missouri state animal, I am proud the say that being a Missouri Mule by Birth does not mean I, too, am grumpy, cantankerous, and stubborn. Most of those mule characteristics just stated only appear to be true because we mules are very cautious critters, who will normally not be persuaded to enter into any act that puts our health or lives at risk. We most certainly will balk when threatened by our circumstances.

Although there really is no other description of a mule more complete than “a mule is a mule”, one should note the other fine qualities of mules. Most people who own mules find them to be cautious, affectionate, patient, long-suffering and intelligent creatures. Now, to be sure, that means their owners are treating them kindly and with the respect they deserve. People who treat mules unkindly will more than likely find out for themselves why the mule (and this particular Missouri Mule by Birth) seem to fulfill the very worst of their expectations.


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