Kentucky Individual Health Insurance Plans – Need to Assess Your Options

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Recent studies reveal that many Kentuckians do not have health insurance. This is a trend that needs to be reversed, especially given the present economic scenario and also because Kentucky falls in the lower quadrant of healthy US states. Leading health insurance companies offer several kinds of Kentucky individual health insurance plans. If you are a Kentuckian without health insurance, you need to assess your options at the earliest and find a plan to suit your needs.

Individual Health Insurance Kentucky – Points to Note

It’s important to note that KY health insurance is governed by certain state laws and regulations:

•    Services covered must include mammograms, diabetes care, medical care for pregnant women, and hearing aids for children.

•    Health insurance companies in Kentucky have to fix coverage limits and maximums for mental health conditions just as with physical conditions.

•    Kentucky health insurance plans are also guaranteed renewable which means that a insurer cannot cancel coverage if a policyholder falls sick or gets injured.

•    Every Kentucky health insurance company must provide a standard health insurance plan that must be provided by all Kentucky health insurance companies. All plans will offer the same services, though prices may vary between companies. This is why you need to assess your options before you sign up for an individual health insurance plan.

•    Insurers cannot require coverage waiting periods or exclusion periods for HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) eligible individuals who want to purchase a private health insurance plan.

Overview of KY Individual Health Insurance Options from Leading Providers

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield offers Kentucky individual health insurance plans such as Premier Plus, Lumenos HSA Plus, and SmartSense Plus. Premier Plus offers unlimited Doctors’ Office Visits with predictable copay before the deductible, several prescription drug coverage options, and annual vision screening exam with copay. The tax-advantaged Lumenos HSA Plus offers preventive care services not subject to deductible or coinsurance. SmartSense Plus is a highly affordable option that covers the essentials and includes a choice of prescription drug coverage options.

HumanaOne’s individual health insurance plans for Kentucky residents include Copay Plans with copays for in-network diagnostic illness and injury doctor’s office visits. Besides 100% preventive care coverage with an in-network provider, you also get prescription drug coverage. This provider’s 100% After Deductible Plans offer full coverage for most covered in-network expenses after the deductible is met and also cover preventive care with a provider in its network. Humana’s Health Savings Account (HSA) plans pay for in-network preventive care services before you meet your deductible. HumanaOne Short Term Medical plans offer temporary coverage for an unexpected illness or injury, but are non-renewable.

UnitedHealthcare offers a variety of affordable Kentucky individual health insurance plans such as Copay to cover routine health care expenses, tax-favored savings account plans,
high deductible for individuals and families who choose to take responsibility for routine health care expenses, and short-term medical plans.

Professional Advice to Assess Your Options

When it comes to buying a Kentucky individual health insurance policy, it is highly advisable that you go in for professional advice. An independent Kentucky health broker can help you assess your options and purchase a plan that will cover your needs.


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