Choosing a Suitable Ohio Short Term Health Insurance Plan

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Short term health coverage is meant for people who are looking for temporary medical insurance for periods ranging from one to eleven months. You should consider a short term health plan if you are:

•    Between jobs
•    New employees waiting for coverage to begin at the work place
•    Part-time, temporary or seasonal workers
•    A new school graduate who is not on a parent’s health plan
•    Early retirees

Leading health insurance providers offer Ohio short term health insurance plans. However, choosing a suitable plan involves comparing offerings and signing up for one that offers reliable coverage.

Ohio Short Term Health Insurance Plans – A Comparison of Features

Well-known health insurance companies offer short-term plans with various kinds of benefits.

•    Most Ohio medical insurance carriers offer short-term plans that have features similar to traditional health insurance. Some of the short-term health insurance providers give complete coverage along with co-pays for doctor visits. Though the plans are expensive, most people like to have their office visits paid for with a co-pay rather than meet a high deductible first.

•    You even have a choice of short-term co-pay, value plans and plus plans. The co-pay plan offers convenient, predictable co-pays for doctor visits and prescriptions. There are certain policies that come with a fixed deductible and coinsurance for the coverage period, offers more coverage than a value plan, and is ideal for covering predictable out-of-pocket expenses. It may be less expensive and feature a new deductible for each illness or injury.

•    With a limited number of underwriting questions, most Ohio health plans are comparatively easy to qualify for. The short term health insurance Ohio plans come with low premiums and coverage can begin the same day.

•    Certain plans are known for their flexibility and include prescription drug coverage. The application process is quick and simple, and coverage can start next day. In Ohio, the health insurance network is stronger in places such as Cincinnati and Dayton.

•    A recognized leader in health insurance throughout the United States offers competitively priced short-term health insurance plans which allow you to see any hospital in any state.

Getting the Right Short Term Health Coverage

Going without health coverage is dangerous, however young and healthy you may be. So choose to be covered at all times. Things you need to consider when buying a short term health insurance Ohio Plan are:

•    Does the coverage offered meet your needs, however temporary they may be?
•    Is the plan affordable – this is especially important if you are a student or unemployed?
•    What are the terms of the policy?
•    Is coverage easy to apply for and obtain?

Consulting a reliable health insurance broker is the best way to understand short-term health insurance plans, compare features and choose the right one.


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