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Writing Online is a new site that aims to help people take the next step beyond the content sites where we are just oh so comfortable using free platforms to write for pleasure and for profit.

Why do I say “oh so comfortable”? Well that is exactly how I have been for over three years now, since I first started writing online. Taking advantage of all the great features and modules offered by these sites and yes, also benefitting from their great Google Page Rank that makes it easy to get properly optimized content ranking well and getting traffic.

So why would I want to venture beyond my comfort zone?

The main reason is so that I have more control over my own activities and,  if you want to put it in a more spiritual way, my own destiny. Much as many of the sites on which we publish seem to be stable and we cannot ever imagine them “going down”, there’s always that little niggle of worry in the back of my mind: What if…..

What if the Terms of Service change? Preventing me from publishing the very content that earns me an income.

What if they stopped allowing our own affiliates and we were forced to always use their own revenue modules? Income could be slashed overnight.

What if the key personnel decide to retire and retire the site at the same time? Unthinkable!

What if Google slapped the site so hard, that traffic and the related income was decimated – yes, it happened to Hubpages. Some “Hubbers” have yet to recover lost traffic and their usual income levels.

Now I am NOT advocating leaving these sites, but what I AM advocating is that if you have been publishing on platforms like this for some time then it is time you thought about spreading your wings. And that is where Writing Online comes in.

Writing Online will help you take that step towards building your own blogs and websites. Whether you want to write for pleasure or for profit, through a series of articles you will learn how to build a blog, get traffic and hopefully make sales.

Guest Authors will also be posting in order to vary the writing styles and the tips and as Writing Online is a WordPress MultiUser Platform, you can start your own blog on there too – all this completely free of charge!


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