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September 21, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Christmas

Thomas Kinkade has many collectible Christmas gifts that you can keep for many years or pass on to your children as a family keepsake.  His wonderful paintings have been transformed into many gift items, but my personal favorite are the Thomas Kinkade Christmas Snow Globes due to their resonance with his style of painting.

I have to admit that I like snow globes anyway, and I think that is still left over from the wonder of snow globes as a child.  But Thomas Kinkade’s work is imbued with points of light, one of the reasons he is called the Painter of Light, and these work very well as designs for snow globes and water globes.

In addition to adding his art to snow globe designs, Thomas Kinkade also has several snowglobe music box combinations, so you get the wonder of seeing the snow globe, and hearing the music box sound.  And on top of that, some of the snow globes have moving parts.

These gifts are really magical to behold, and I am not just saying that.  They make a lovely gift for a child or an adult.  Beyond the actual immediate beauty of Kinkade’s style, you can also appreciate the way the painter looks at the world around him, and how he wants you to see it as well.


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