Hot Pink Christmas

November 2, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Christmas

Who says that Christmas has to be red, green, and gold?  My Christmas tree is going to be decorated with hot pink this year.  I have been adding pink decorations since my aunt learned that she had breast cancer.  But this year she beat the cancer, and everyone in my family has decided to have a hot pink Christmas to celebrate.

Seriously, what color could be more celebratory than hot pink when it comes to beating breast cancer.  And did you know how many hot pink Christmas decorations that there were?

Christmas decorations can be found in several shades of pink, from pale pink to hot pink to mauve, but hot pink seems to be the Christmas pink of choice, as I have found numerous hot pink trees, tree skirts, and ornaments just to get me started.  This has made me decide to do some research into hot pink Christmas decorations, and I have found some very interesting ornaments for our Christmas tree.  We are using a real live Christmas tree, so the tree itself will be green, while the decorations will be pink.  This tree will be a celebration of life in a very feminine way that is a triumph for all of us.


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