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Bullying Help is a new website that will help people who are being bullied and the parents of children who are being bullied.

While she was at elementary school my daughter was bullied by the same child for nearly three years. The impact it had on her and her immediate family was horrendous. The situation was not helped by the fact that the school were failing to accept that what was happening was out and out bullying. As a result they failed to deal with it.

My daughter’s health suffered, both mentally and physically, to the extent that at times she was not well enough to go to school. So her education suffered too.

And yes, if I am honest, my health also suffered. There’s nothing worse than being a parent, watching your child suffer and not being able to do anything about it and I am sure that my subsequent ill health was in part caused by what happened to my daughter.

However, I DID do something – I started researching on the internet, I started to create one heck of a very polite, but assertive fuss at the school. My husband was by my side much of the time as we took on the Head of the School and never, ever gave up.

Eventually, through a combination of our efforts and suggestions and the fact that other children stoopped standing by and allowing it to happen, the bullying stopped. But since that time, I have taken every opportunity I can to campaign against bullying and help parents of children who it is happening to.

Bullying is an epidemic. You find it in schools, in the workplace and online. Disabled people are bullied and gay people are bullied.

Bullying Help aims to help all those people.


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