Decorative Flower Vases For Interior Design

September 12, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Interior Design

Have you considered using decorative flower vases as a part of your overall interior design? A tall vase placed in the center of a dining room table can add a finished look to your decor in the room.  So many times we have to dig out a plain old boring vase out of its hiding place when we have flowers delivered for a special occasion or in the spring when we cut our favorite flowers from the garden.

There are so many delightful decorative vases available now that we really don’t have to hide them any longer. You can decorate your house with beautiful vases and keep them out even when you are not displaying a bouquet of flowers. Many of the vases on the market today are pieces of art on their own.

There are so many materials used to make the vases, too. You can find art glass vases, crystal vases, metal vases, and even wood vases. They come in tall styles, rectangular shapes, and just about every color of the rainbow.

So, as you plan your interior design for a room think about adding a decorative flower vase that can sit out all year long whether you have flowers for it or not. Pick one that looks just as nice on its own merits.


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