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I was a comic nerd in high school, and I also grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons on our television set every week, so it is not too surprising that I turned into a comic book hero worshiper.  I loved the various superheroes of the Justice League of America long before I understood the background and history that they grew out of.

When the new Green Lantern movie came out this year, I was really excited because I always love the story behind the Green Lanterns, and I liked the Green Lantern Hal Jordan.  Besides, who can resist Ryan Reynolds as a superhero?

I also discovered the resurgence of Green Lantern t-shirts and gifts that DC Comics is manufacturing in honor of their 75th anniversary, and the return of the oversized superhero.  I am not sure if it is the nostalgia of the aging baby boomers or that the new teen generation has caught on to the old superheros like Green Lantern, but in the last few years we have seen many DC and Marvel heroes come to life on the silver screen.

While I think that they had a little trouble portraying my old friend the Green Lantern in the new movie, it was still fun to recite the Green Lantern oath along with him, and I look forward to seeing him come back again in another movie.


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