Uses for Gothic Calligraphy

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When I tell people that I know how to write gothic calligraphy, I often get questions like, “what is the use of knowing how to write calligraphy, you can do anything on the computer now?” If I didn’t write calligraphy, I would probably ask the same exact thing. Throughout this article, I will tell you some of the many ways that I use Gothic calligraphy.

One obvious use for gothic calligraphy, is invitations. I have actually been given jobs to write birthday invitations, which usually makes me about $100. That is a lot, but I was much more pleased when asked to help my art teacher complete a piece of art. She wanted me to write labels for some jars, that were filled with random artifacts and antiques. She said that she could just print the labels out, but it is much more special, knowing that someone hand wrote them.

Another use for knowing how to write gothic calligraphy is being able to make decorations. I usually use a felt tipped flat paint brush to do so. You can make an assortment of of different decorations, ranging from Halloween decorations with gothic writing, or you can use it for decorating a bedroom. Either way, it is very useful for decorating!

The last way that I use gothic calligraphy is to label things. You can label things such as spice containers, manilla folders, or anything else around the house. There are even some people who will pay you do do this!

You can learn more about gothic calligraphy, at : Gothic Calligraphy & Illuminated Lettering.


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