Penguin Awareness Day

January 14, 2012 | Author: | Posted in Animals

Penguin Awareness Day is January 20th. This is the perfect time to educate yourself or to teach children about penguins and their environment.

Currently, several of the 17 species of penguin are endangered and many more are considered vulnerable or threatened. What does it mean for a penguin species to be considered threatened or vulnerable? This means that without human intervention, certain species may soon become endangered and ultimately extinct.

Teaching children about penguins on Penguin Awareness Day doesn’t have to be so dire. A lot of fun activities can peak a childs interest in penguins and encourage them to learn more. Also, learning about penguins and issues that are causing them to become a threatened or endangered species will teach children about the importance of being responsible for their environment and can lead to an interest or concern for other environmental issue.

Let’s face it, penguins are cute, and kids don’t want cute things becoming extinct! What better way to introduce environmental studies?

Here are a few suggestions of fun things to do with children on Penguin Awareness Day.

  • Make a penguin craft
  • Read a book about penguins
  • Watch a penguin movie
  • Decorate a cupcake to look like a penguin
  • Create a penguin mask
  • Dress up as a penguin or wear black and white (maybe with a bit of orange around the neck to be a King or Emperor penguin)
  • Play a fun penguin game
  • Colour in penguin pages or do a dot to dot
  • Learn about a specific penguin species
  • Donate or adopt a penguin through a charitable foundation

Whatever you choose to do on Penguin Awareness day I’m sure the penguins will appreciate it.


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